Feb. 5th, 2010

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Цитируя себя:

Ну не фанатка Я - такого не знать!:)
<... вскоре после этой встречи на свет появилась группа Ashtray Heart, вскоре переименованная в Placebo.>
/из Википедии/

К слову в en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placebo_(band) ничего подобного нет, и название никакого отношения к «эффекту плацебо» не имеет...

<As to the name "Placebo", Olsdal remarked in an MTV interview that it was chosen because of its Latin origins[4]; “placebo” literally translates from Latin as “I will please". Frequently in interviews, Molko has stated that the name is loosely a satirical reflection of the 1990s cliche of naming one's band after a drug.[4] When asked about naming a band, Molko said:
   It’s a complex question to answer, really. As musicians you try to find a name for your band that represents you and you never really do, because, basically, names for bands lose their meaning after a while. They become a series of sounds that you associate with people in music. The most important thing for a name is that you can imagine forty-thousand people screaming it in unison.>

Да... к чему это я:))) Ага! Развенчание мифов Википедии! Кстати, я так понимаю, что не только русской...


Placebo "For What It's Worth" Live + Interview Brian Molko

 Denisot: Here is the sixth album of Placebo, Battle for the sun... We say that it is the first album which you wrote without drugs.

Brian: It is the first album which I recorded without drugs.

Girl: Yes that means what, that...

Brian: That all the others were completely written, recorded, staged under the influence.

Girl: That means that it is a new band, a new Placebo?


Girl2: It is already a new band because there is a new drummer.

Brian: It's right.

Denisot: A quite new drummer?

Brian: A quite new drummer, a new guitarist, one violinist.

Denisot: It needed this revival there?

Brian: Absolutely, it was necessary for the survival of our group 'cause wehad become a band which did not speak to itself any more, which had lost this feeling of brotherhood that I found essential for the sincerity of our music.

Girl2: In this album, the second song is called Ashtray Heart it was the name of the band, before Placebo...

Brian: It is for this that it is necessary to pay attention to what we read on Wikipédia. We had many names at the very beginning but I really don't remember that Ashtray Heart was one of these names. It is very possible that one evening, in a pub, with acoustic guitars and banjoes, we were called Ashtray Heart but I don't remember it.

Denisot: The band sold 10 million albums, you want to be kings of the world, you are far or quite close with this album there?

Brian: It has just gone out yesterday thus we shall see well.

Denisot: You feel a sensation?

Brian: Yeah, I've a good feeling this time.

Denisot: Déborah (a guest), everybody knows you and loves you, but Déborah is very fan

Girl: She reddens, she listens to you speaking...

Déborah: It's my teenage's phantasm, so I take this opportunity tonight.

Brian: (smile) Thanks


Girl2: You have French friends, you criticize some French singers and you even sang in French.

Denisot: You made one song in French.

Girl2: Two. there is one that claimed, written by Virginia Despentes " Protège moi " and an other which is called Mars Landing Party where the words are charming. If you just could... Just like that, for the pleasure.

Brian: That I say the words of this song?

Girl2: Yes, I love it!

Brian: It's a b-side, it's us having a good time in the studio. You know that it is famous in France?

Brian: Yes, I know. It's "Embrasse moi et mets ton doigt dans mon cul" (kiss me and put your finger in my ass in english).

Girl2: Simply, and it is simple and it is beautiful and it's that the romanticism also.

Brian: But it's only a joke. It isn't really our material the more serious.

Girl2: And it's the first time that I realize that you speak in French and very well!

Brian: But I do a grammatical mistake, I think.


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